Schick driver installation

VisiQuick must be installed before you can install the Schick drivers.

First, Windows must install low-level drivers for the interface (pci/usb).

The low-level driver files can be found on the cd on:

d:\drivers\dental\schick\bin\UsbDrv2.5\CDR Acquisition Library\X-ray\Drivers.


Secondly, VisiQuick needs the application-driver files (ACQ32.DLL, *.obj, *.fix, and so on).

The application driver files may be installed either by means of a setup.exe from the cd:

PCI: d:\drivers\dental\schick\pci\setup.exe

USB Win9x/ME: d:\drivers\dental\schick\usb\setup.exe

USB Windows 2000/XP: d:\drivers\dental\schick\windows2000\setup.exe

You may also copy files from the cd: d:\drivers\dental\schick\bin\UsbDrv2.5\CDR Acquisition Library\X-ray\Redist.

The file cdr.ini must reside only in the Windows folder (WinNT on NT/2K) (See notes at the trouble-shooting part). Cdr.ini must contain two things:

What type of interface the driver must control (USB/PCI).

What firmware version the USB interface has.


Lastly, the sensor correction file(s) must be copied to the VisiQuick folder (*.cor), from the sensor diskette. Each sensor has a unique serial number, and one diskette with that precise number on its label.


If you want to change the type of VisiQuick.exe from whatever was installed, to a Schick type, run cdr.exe from the cd: d:\exe\cdr.exe. The file cdr.exe will unzip and replace visiquick.exe in the VisiQuick folder.